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I’ve been using the services of VodaHost for quite some time now and I have to say that by far, this is the best USA hosting that I’ve come across. Although I’ve used many cheap USA hosting services earlier, for the price I pay at VodaHost I definitely get a lot more in the bargain. Their package includes everything I needed and their services have always been timely and very helpful.

Internet marketing is a good business as long as you have a good partner like VodaHost web hosting, the best USA hosting company. I run an internet business for 3 years now, and the first year was a nightmare as the downtime I had experienced was the worst, it even made me think of quitting the business and return to being a full time employee.

I was struggling, as I have invested quite a lot of my time and money on my websites, hoping that I could get my investment back in no time at all. However, the company that hosted my websites did not make life easy for me, as I have encountered not just downtime but the most rudest and unreliable customer service and technical support ever from the first cheap USA hosting service company, I had partnered with.

So, I had decided to search again for a cheap USA hosting company and after trying 2 more cheap USA hosting companies, I finally grasp that my cheap minded thinking is the reason why I am losing so much opportunity and not the hosting company that I continually sign-up with that is making my first year as a businessperson not worth emulating. I’d heard about this cheap USA hosting service from a friend who currently has ten sites with VodaHost and had nothing but praises for the services offered by the company. I decided to try the services for myself and I will definitely say that it is the best USA hosting service I found till date. Not only is it a cheap USA hosting option with just $7.95 a month to pay but the advanced features that they offer for this price such as the uptime guarantee and the services and support, it is also the best USA hosting service that money can buy right now!

I just kept thinking what if VodaHost is really the best USA hosting company and if this USA web hosting service can really solve my predicament, then maybe I should give this provider a chance and my businesses one last chance.  After all, for $7.95 a month I also get an unlimited data transfer monthly as well as disk space, which is also, what I need. VodaHost was my business career lifeboat as I was at the point of giving up. Thankfully, I have made a wise decision and decided to try VodaHost.

I am a businessperson and should have acted as one, so rather than looking for a cheap USA hosting service company, what I should have been searching is the best USA hosting company.  I am so pleased to be hosting my websites with VodaHost web hosting.

I’m not very experienced with creating websites and handling them and when I selected VodaHost I was simply creating my third site for a home based business. I had tried a few hosting services for the first two sites but I was never really satisfied with their services. I especially didn’t like having restrictions of what I could and could not do on my own site which comes with most cheap USA hosting services but not with VodaHost. Since I’ve found this company they have made it easy for me to create the kind of website I always wanted. I found it especially helpful to have BlueVoda website builder free with my account which made it very easy for me.

Now my site has all the features that I wanted to offer my visitors along with online payment portals. I’ve never had any problems or downtime issues with VodaHost, which is one of the reasons I say that VodaHost is definitely the best USA hosting service provider. There are several features that are offered by VodaHost and which I plan to use very soon on my websites like their guestbook and the BlueVoda advanced Form Processor for creating different forms on my websites.

Probably the best thing I like about VodaHost is the ability to host my earlier sites on my account. Two of my earlier sites had been on a different hosting package and I could shift them to my current account. Because of their uptime guarantee I was not worried about relying on a single service provider for all three of my sites. I believe this web hosting company to be a reliable but a very cheap USA hosting provider which allows me to save a considerable amount of money. Another great thing about VodaHost is the kind of support and service that they offer, which makes them the best USA hosting provider. I find the support forums very helpful since I’ve had a question or two in the past that I’d posted on the forums and I got literally dozens of very useful replies to my questions.

Furthermore, I can transfer and register my domain name free of additional charge, the add-on perks such as unlimited creation of email accounts for my loyal customers, and family member can boost my business. The package offered by VodaHost web hosting comes with multiple merchant accounts and shopping carts. VodaHost also throws in free affiliate software and unlimited databases for PHP, CGI and MySQL.  Not to forget, VodaHost also included a delivery system that is digital and an eBook, which in my book already made them the best USA hosting company.

What more, I use WordPress Blogs for two of my websites and Joomla for the rest, and I find that VodaHost made setting up easy as I was able to do it with just  one-click. Forum is another feature I wanted to add to my websites and something I could not do with my previous hosting providers and since they also supports it, I now have a forum on my websites.

I must thank VodaHost web hosting for making me successful as an entrepreneur. I started out my online business about three years ago. However, the business was facing many problems as my websites had low downtime. Besides, I did not have much technical knowledge and expertise in the successful running of an online business. I searched the search engines for best USA hosting companies that could help me, and after dealing with some not-so-good web hosting companies, I, fortunately found VodaHost which I keep thanking my friend who advised me about them.

VodaHost took my business from a low to a high point. Earlier, I would end up losing many opportunities because of low uptime. Then, when I found they claim to provide 99.9% uptime. I thought it was like most of the other web hosting companies who claims to be the best USA hosting but fails to deliver. However, still I took a try with this web hosting company. To my surprise, I found it was very different from all other companies. They do not make any false promises. My websites are up and running throughout the day ever since I started using their services. Moreover, they give wonderful opportunities at a low cost of $7.95 per month. They provide unlimited transfer of data and space at this cost. Thus, VodaHost is not only the best USA hosting company that I have found, but also a cheap USA hosting company.

I can claim VodaHost to be the best USA host because the features they provide are very easy to use. We do not need any technical knowledge and expertise to use their services. VodaHost USA hosting provides such features to build a website that even a child can study and set up. They also provide online support, which is obligatory in case we have any issue. Thus, claims that VodaHost is one of the best USA hosting and a cheap USA hosting company that is true and reliable. I have experienced their services. They are very professional in their approach and always ready to provide solutions to your needs.

When having an online business, it is very necessary to look for cheap USA hosting services as you would require web hosting on a continual basis. It is where VodaHost comes in. No other cheap USA hosting company matches their features at such low cost. They provide unlimited domain names, unlimited data transfer, registration of free domain names, unlimited email accounts, blogs, forums, several shopping carts, software of affiliate program and much more. I get so many features at only $7.95 per month. Thus, I consider myself fortunate enough to have found this cheap USA hosting company.

VodaHost has given me the maximum amount of traffic and there has been an incredible increase in the percentage of sales in my online business. From my own experiences, I can say that they provide complete support to you and guide you throughout your business. They also give prompt solutions to your problems and always willing to help you out in even the smallest problem. If given to rate VodaHost, I will rate them ten out of ten for their extreme satisfactory performance.

Now, my business is a success and I believe it will become even more profitable as long as I have VodaHost the best USA hosting and a cheap USA hosting company to take care of my hosting.

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