VodaHost web hosting review

VodaHost web hosting are the first and only company that I have ever used to host my website. I’ve had no reason to try anywhere else; I’ve found VodaHost web hosting packages give me all the features and abilities that I’ll ever need.

I started using VodaHost web hosting services about a year ago when I was made redundant. On the advice of a few friends I’d decided to change careers and become an affiliate marketer. One thing this meant was finding someone to host my website.

I shopped around a little and looked at various companies that all promised me the best service when it came to getting my website up there on the World Wide Web. I noticed that all of them offered different packages for different prices and VodaHost web hosting seemed to have everything that I needed to host my website at a great price so I looked on the search engines for reviews of VodaHost web hosting.

Quite a few reviews appeared about VodaHost web hosting and they were all very positive and reassuring. They recommended the customer service department at VodaHost web hosting as one of the best and that support tickets were solved and answered within 24 hours. This sounded really good; I decided that VodaHost web hosting was going to be the company that I use to host my website.

I signed up for an annual VodaHost web hosting package and this promised to host my site on the World Wide Web with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. To host my web pages on the World Wide Web though, I needed to upload them first and I came across a few problems and a blank page was appearing where my website should have been.

As it was the first time I had tried to host my website I didn’t think too much of it, I decided to get in touch with VodaHost web hosting and put their customer service department to the test. It turned out the staff at VodaHost web hosting lived up to their reputation.

The VodaHost web hosting staff knew exactly what the problem was and why I was not able to view my site. Within an hour or so of sending off the support ticket to the VodaHost web hosting staff, my website was live with the host on the World Wide Web.

Another feature that I have really enjoyed with VodaHost web hosting is the unlimited bandwidth I get. I don’t have to worry about my site going off the server if there is too much traffic. I was also able to include a blog on to my website that I have hosted with VodaHost web hosting. This has really helped to increase the quantity of traffic that I receive from the search engines.

As I am an affiliate marketer now, I also needed unlimited email addresses with my hosting account and VodaHost web hosting has provided these as well as the choice to upload more sites to my one VodaHost web hosting account if I ever needed to. Other hosting companies I checked seemed to insist on a separate host account for each website.

I am extremely happy that I decided to use VodaHost web hosting right from the start. VodaHost web hosting has exceeded all my expectations and provided me with more than I wanted in the first place! When it comes to a host company, VodaHost web hosting has to be one of the very best.

Ian Tyler
London, UK

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