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My passion for cooking had prompted me to build my own website, wherein I could share my thoughts and culinary skills to those who wish to learn not just to cook but also to appreciate the art of cooking.

I decided to create my first website I was completely new to the whole process. The only thing I knew for sure was that I needed a site I could make quite easily. I was in need of the best website hosting and it had to be cheap website hosting.  So I began researching cheap website hosting companies, looking for the right fit for my needs as there were so many out there I was getting confused.  So I turned to a friend, who buys and sells online.  That is the first time I had heard about VodaHost website hosting, I decided to check out the VodaHost website.

In truth, I had no idea about VodaHost being the best website hosting service provider as my desire at that time is just to get more information on building my website through their website builder BlueVoda as they have ready made templates for everything which sounds so simple and fuzz free. After all, I am just a mother who happens to love cooking but with full of ideas and desire to share my expertise. So, after reading about BlueVoda, I got so interested enough to click on the button that would help me build my own website in less than an hour.

This cheap website hosting appealed to me on many levels. VodaHost offered design programs for people like me who had no experience designing websites. The benefits of this best website hosting service were numerous and I am a person who likes to get the most bang for my buck. The cost was low. Best of all, VodaHost guaranteed that I wouldn’t have to worry about my site going down. I decided VodaHost was the best website hosting plan for me and I signed up.

As I mentioned I had no experience designing a website I used their BlueVoda software. Let me say that this made the process extremely easy for me. It guided me through building each page of my site. There were various templates that I was able to use in my design. Whenever I became stuck in the process, I could watch a tutorial video and see exactly what I needed to be done.  The software was a lifesaver for me and helped me to create a website I was thrilled with without much stress. VodaHost definitely receives two thumbs up for offering this option. Many times when you opt for cheap website hosting you do not have the option of software such as this.

Thankfully, BlueVoda promise of having a website in less than an hour is not a joke. You see, I had built my first website even without prior knowledge on website building to help me, just with their excellent step-by-step procedure.  I have declared VodaHost to be the best website hosting service. The $7.95 monthly fee paid in advance for 1 year is quite reasonable, I do not mind and would never shift to any other cheap website hosting provider as I knew that staying with VodaHost is a wise move.  VodaHost made it possible for me to have my own website in one day, what more can I get if they will also handle my hosting needs.

From the very first moment I knew I had made the right decision. I was able to choose the domain I wanted through VodaHost. I did not have to worry about how to find a domain and the best pricing of one. I simply had to pick my name and move on.

Besides, the package of VodaHost that includes me having an unlimited space for my disk, data transfer that is also unlimited and the fact that transfer and registration of domain name are also free only confirm why this is the best website hosting service company. In addition, I can place a shopping carts and accounts for merchant, blogs, CMS and forums, which at that time I had no idea what these thing could do for me. I guess, the features indicated by VodaHost as part of the packages just sounded important.  Now, I know they are and I am glad that they have included it on the $7.95 monthly subscription fee.

Although, I admit, there are also other cheap website hosting services that promises the same unlimited features when I have browse around, after setting up my website courtesy of VodaHost website hosting services. I have never regretted my decision in my 1 year of partnership with this best website hosting company.

I can’t begin to tell you all about the features I have discovered with VodaHost and there are plenty I am still learning about. Some I am using today on my site. I was able to add a shopping cart with ease. This makes it easy for my customers to purchase my products right from my website. I also have a blog right on my site to keep customers updated on my latest recipes and products. It was easy to install and which my customers really enjoy the interaction it provides. This is by far the best website hosting I could have found.

VodaHost servers are powered by Dell systems, which was just unbelievable for me. Well, I never expected to get such a compelling offer for my monthly unlimited data transfer on VodaHost. In my knowledge, there is no service other than this, which offers all these features to its customers. In this, I didn’t have to pay any extra amount for the username and password, and that is one of the many reasons why it is the best website hosting and a cheap website hosting company for me.

Don’t forget another important feature VodaHost offers is BlueVoda website builder software. So, anyone can create their websites. The databases are not based on a single language. VodaHost is compatible with PHP, MySQl hosting and several other formats. You can even start a blog or a forum by using this tool without any problem. These all aforementioned facts make me choose VodaHost from the large collection of website hosting service over Internet.

I am now thinking of starting a new website to buy and sell eBooks. For this website, I will use VodaHost php hosting service again.  I am very satisfied with them and I have not encountered any problems with their services. With this best website hosting service I receive only the highest quality. I will get options for downloading eBooks and digital delivery system. I have several collections of eBooks with me and with VodaHost; I can sell my books with a variety of users all over the world. In this, the monthly price is as low as $7.95 per month. I never heard of such a cheap website hosting service that offers so much.

Another service at VodaHost is Search Engine and Directory Submission; you are able to submit your website to search engines. How many cheap website hosting sites will do that for you? This was a huge timesaver for me considering I had no idea how to even get started doing this. It helps bring customers to my site when they can find me in the search engine results. I have amazing benefits with the best website hosting service at cheap website hosting prices. With such cheap website hosting service, I received several search engine and SEO based operations which is a must need for your website traffic. With VodaHost, I get everything right under one roof and I am glad to be proud to choose wisely.

Nowadays, I recommend VodaHost to all my friends as it has got all features that anyone will need for their website. The most salient feature is that they are a cheap website hosting service provider. So never mind asking me if you have any doubts regarding the efficiency of this best website hosting company, and I will be happy to tell you about it.

One of my favorite features on VodaHost was the ability to set up an affiliate program. Now others can join as an affiliate and I get customers through their referrals. It benefits us both. If sales are made they get a fee. I, of course, get the profit from the sale. This was something I would have never known how to do without the software that came with VodaHost.

I am thrilled with VodaHost. I could not be happier with my choice. They offer the best website hosting plan available. The service has been phenomenal and the features are outstanding. Even now that I am making money with my site the cost is still low. They truly are the best service.

You see, I have just renewed my VodaHost website hosting contract but this time for 3-years, because this is really the best website hosting company. I will never jump to a cheap website hosting company, like what my friend did as saving a few bucks is not worth the headaches, which she presently experiencing with her cheap website hosting provider.

VodaHost may not be as cheap website hosting as other companies but being the best website hosting service provider is far more important for me. So, thank you for making my dream a reality and I look forward for 3 more years of great services.

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