How To Backup Your Website


It is absolutely incredible how much technology has developed over the past three decades. What an exciting period of time for computers; billions and trillions of websites indexed, and the fact that anybody (tech savvy or not) can purchase a web hosting service and create a website no matter where they are.

Everything changes so fast, yet there is one factor that does not. It does not matter how evolved we become or how technologically advanced; we must always BACK-UP OUR DATA. You are the only one to blame if tragedy does strike and you lose absolutely everything. Just imagine losing all your hard work and having to start your business over from scratch. Yes, it would be a nightmare!

VodaHost makes sure it keeps its customers as safe as possible and that its working with top notch servers; however, who is to say that there won’t be a tsunami tomorrow,  an earthquake or an alien invasion. I don’t mean to make things sound tragic but the fact is, catastrophes do happen sometimes and you should always make sure that your business is covered.

The crazy thing is that 40% of smaller to medium sized businesses do not have back-up of their websites. If you are part of that 40%, I suggest you get your back-up plan straightened out today!

5 Reasons why you should back-up your website:

1. No one else is responsible

You and only you are to blame if all your data is lost. Your web host is not responsible for making back-ups available to you. The majority of web hosts do not back-up customer websites regularly and even if they do, they probably do it for their own protection rather than to provide to their customers.

2. Having back-up of your originally developed design is not enough

So when you first designed your website you were responsible enough to make a back –up on your computer for it. Okay, but as time goes by your website may change a great deal. Those changes are not going to appear when you need to restore that back-up you saved a year or two ago. Some sites like forums, blogs or CRM systems are based on what the users upload. If you do not back-up on a regular basis, none of that valuable content will exist any longer.

3. Be prepared to react quickly

If you are running a business you could lose significant amounts of money and according to some sources even get penalized by Search Engines. Therefore having an up to date back-up can minimize your down time reducing any negative effects to your business.

4. Why worry

Instead of always having the incomplete responsibility of backing-up your site lingering in the background and stressing you out – make sure you create a back-up twice a week. Put it on your to-do list and get it done!

5. Protect yourself against viruses

Web Hosts do not run scans for your website against viruses and malware. Having a back-up plan will make it possible to turn back time and restore your website as if nothing happened. There is no sure way to prevent attacks but there sure is a way to cure them!

One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they back up their website’s files on the exact same server that their website is hosted on. That is like keeping your spare house keys on your every-day key chain! It completely defeats the point of having a backup!  Therefore you need to have a 100% separate backup, in a 100% different location  to be 100% safe. So now you know how important it is to back-up your files! Now let’s see HOW you can do so…

If you have a VodaHost web hosting account, you have a few options as to how to back-up your site using your cPanel.

Click here to view a video tutorial on How to Use the Back-up Feature in cPanel!

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