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Let me tell you how VodaHost shared website hosting changed my life. As I was new to internet and didn’t know how should I select a shared website hosting for my website? And I was in search of different requirements which can help me in hosting my site properly. I have an online store and started my business using my social networking account only. I can say that I was doing relatively well with my business. I wanted to expand my online store, so I have decided to start selling my products using my own website with the help of a cheap shared website hosting service. A friend of mine suggested that I try this cheap shared website hosting company that she’s been using for years now. Since she vouched for that certain shared website hosting service, I trusted her input as she pertained to them as the best shared website hosting service provider, I had decided to sign up with them.

The first few days with them shocked me! I can barely communicate with their unresponsive and rude customer support. The downtime was killing my online business. I thought that since I am new to the whole shared website hosting service, that it’s normal. More weeks followed my horrible nightmare! I think I’ve wasted time in contacting them but to no avail, all the answer that I get from them is that and I quote “We will fix the problem as soon as possible!” That’s crazy, I am losing money with my monthly payment and what’s worse is that I made more money back when I was only using my social networking account. And they call themselves as “one of the best shared website hosting service provider of today”.

I am a business person and my share of experience with shared website hosting companies claiming to be the best shared website hosting was far from the best. So, I began my search again for the best shared website hosting that would also be little considerate to my budget. During my research, the only genuine company that I was able to spot in the list of shared website hosting services as well best shared website hosting companies was- VodaHost shared hosting. I was intrigued, so I tried to learn more about VodaHost shared hosting services and features that they offer. According to VodaHost, they are the best shared website hosting around. I am kind of skeptical at first and you simply can’t blame me. After what I’ve gone through with my first shared website host, I am now prone to double checking things.

I viewed VodaHost website and got in contact with them through email. They were very friendly and took complete responsibility of offering a cheap shared website hosting package after analyzing my requirements. Listening carefully to your client’s business requirements is what most companies miss out on. Luckily, VodaHost hosting did not! After a good and satisfying communication with VodaHost, they offered me a sensible yet cheap shared website hosting package.

After a lot of researching, I’ve decided to try VodaHost hoping that this time things will turn out good and that I will never have to deal with rude and unresponsive customer service people again. To my surprise, it was nothing like my former shared website hosting company. Not to mention that for only $7.95/month I get nothing but cheap shared website hosting and the best shared website hosting service! With VodaHost prices are way cheaper than my previous hosting company. I haven’t experienced major downtime with VodaHost. I also do not have any problem and reason to get in touch with their customer support. I might as well add that in the list of shared website hosting companies that I have gone through, VodaHost is the only cheap shared website hosting with guaranteed high-quality services!

Since my online business is developing dynamically, I required the tools of fast email accounts and latest technology support in database, PHP and streaming multimedia. Fortunately, for all these requirements, I just had to contact VodaHost and my entire job was done. VodaHost let me save a lot of my time and kept me safe from getting miffed by the challenging market research. Also, VodaHost availed me things at really cheap rates. I believe VodaHost is indeed the cheapest shared website hosting that is offering such remarkable features and services. Not only their shared website hosting provided me an amazing support system but also kept offering me various discounts and offers from time to time.

The plan that I have with VodaHost included: multiple merchant e-mail accounts, unlimited data base for MySQL, CGI, and PHP, free affiliate software, and best of all a “shopping cart”. I am an online clothing store re-seller, and owning an online shopping cart is one of my dreams. These and more features were not given to me cheaply by my former shared website host.

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VodaHost has unlimited disk space which helps a person in growing their online business. The best part of this shared website hosting is that it provides free domain name without any hectic requirements. Once I encountered some problems in my websites, this shared website hosting company helped me in such a great way and solved my issues. After that I never got any problems in my websites. Thanks to the best shared website hosting company who provided me the best way and cheapest shared website hosting to run my business.

Another best thing about VodaHost is their customer care team. Normally, this is where clients have to struggle the most. I personally have had very difficult times with customer care departments of many companies. Either they will remain unviable or else, they would just listen to your problem and rectify the error as per their suitability and not yours. Thankfully, this was not the case with VodaHost. Not only was I attended immediately but also was ensured of good service. Even if at times they were not able to immediately work on my problem or rectify it, they were always very courteous to inform me about the status at regular intervals. This is the kind of service that one can expect from only world’s best shared website hosting. I am happy to be a client of VodaHost shared website hosting and look forward to our highly professional relationship.

In addition to offering 99.98% uptime, the company promised me the best shared website hosting for an amount of $7.95 a month. Today, it has almost been a year and till date, I have had no reason to raise an eyebrow or question them at any major issue. This shared website hosting offers me unlimited data space along with very important requirement of unlimited monthly data transfer. I would not hesitate to say that VodaHost has successfully met all my expectations.

The payment package of VodaHost makes it cheap shared website hosting that everyone can easily afford and those people who think that it is little expensive just join them, once you will I can say that there is no other company that will provide you a package which meets your needs. I can rate VodaHost on the top of all shared website hosting sites. There are hundreds of shared website hosting companies available in the market but this shared website hosting company is the only one which not only met my requirements but also will fulfill every customer’s needs. VodaHost is a cheap shared website hosting site which requires little criteria to host your website. One just needs to follow simple steps and you can start your journey towards success.

VodaHost has all features which I was looking for and many more. And it helped me in growing my business by hosting my website. As I wanted to only to have the best shared website hosting company. I kept my fingers cross and God gave me fruit. VodaHost is the best shared website hosting and a cheap shared website hosting company which provides everything you need. A person can have blind trust on it. And I highly recommend it to other users who are new like me and don’t know where to go and what to select. Moreover this shared website hosting has attractive templates which helped me in making my web pages eye-catchy. The disk space of this shared website hosting site is so huge that it can meet anyone’s requirement. This shared website provides 24/7 affordable service in cheap rates which has many features to offer. Which this will enhance the quality of your websites and give them a forward look. I especially give thanks to VodaHost shared website hosting who made my life easier and gave me the roots of my success. My life changed and my dreams started changing into reality.

I can definitely say that VodaHost is the best shared website hosting and a cheap shared website hosting service. I am happy to tell you all that I am doing really well with my online clothing store, all thanks to VodaHost!

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