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What is Soholaunch?

Soholaunch enables you to build a professional website with eCommerce capabilities through a user-friendly interface and gives you the power to create database-driven eCommerce systems quickly and easily, regardless of your technical experience level. Soholaunch is an alternative to the popular osCommerce shopping cart.

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1 How to access and login to Soholaunch
2 Using the Soholaunch Quickstart Wizard – Getting Started!
3 Creating new web pages in Soholaunch
4 Open and editing old Soholaunch pages
5 Deleting Soholaunch pages
6 Inserting text & HTML into Soholaunch
7 How to easily Create forms in Soholaunch
8 Using the Auto-Menu System (Menu-Bars)
9 Using the Soholaunch File Manager
10 Using the Soholaunch Template Manager
11 Using Soholaunch the Event Calendar
12 Using the eNewsletter System
13 Managing Site Data Tables in Soholaunch
14 Using the Database Table Manager in Soholaunch
15 Managing Secure Users in Soholaunch
16 Creating Photo Albums in Soholaunch
17 Viewing Site Statistics in Soholaunch
18 Using the Blog Manager in Soholaunch
19 Managing admin users and passwords in Soholaunch
20 Backing up your files in Soholaunch
21 Managing your websites Metatags in Soholaunch
22 Managing your FAQ Manager in Soholaunch
23 Adding a popup window to your website in Soholaunch
24 Adding a map to your website in Soholaunch
25 Emailing a friend in Soholaunch
26 Adding a plug-in link in Soholaunch

Soholaunch helps you develop and manage all types of eCommerce applications, regardless of their scope. Easily set up product categories, shipping, taxes, accepted payment methods, exchange policies, and much more; all without typing a single line of code.

You can further extend your eBusiness by using the Shopping Cart in cooperation with other advanced feature-sets available in Soholaunch:

● Send eNewsletters to Shopping Cart customers.
● Restrict access to wholesale and distributor-only products and pricing
● Populate your entire product catalog with only a few clicks

Unique features available to each individual item

  • Add an unlimited number of items to your eCommerce store
  • Define keywords for product searches in Soholaunch
  • Assign thumbnail and full size product images
  • Specify price variations for different product-specific options
  • Create item descriptions and full detail pages
  • Require form data when item is purchased
  • Promote with related items and accessories at checkout

Popular payment methods for painless transactions

  • Choose from online and offline processing methods
  • Use any combination of payment methods you wish
  • Accept specific credit cards with offline or online processing
  • Accept customer payments through Pay Pal (no merchant account required)

PayPal, WorldPay, Verisign, and other popular gateways

  • Secure shopping cart orders with your own SSL certificate
  • Charge shipping by item and sub-total
  • Apply state taxes based on shipping address
  • Display privacy, shipping, return/exchange, and other policies

More powerful options for profitable online catalogs

  • Organize products into multiple categories
  • Automatically decrement inventory upon purchase
  • Create product searches and up-selling associations
  • Remember repeat customer information automatically
  • Allow site visitors to make product comments
  • Restrict access to specified products and/or bulk pricing

9 Soholaunch Shopping Cart Tutorials

27 Adding a category to the Soholaunch Shopping Cart
28 Adding a product to the Soholaunch Shopping Cart
29 Configuring shipping in the Soholaunch Shopping Cart
30 Configuring sales tax in the Soholaunch Shopping Cart
31 Configuring payment gateways in your Soholaunch Shopping Cart
32 Configuring company information in your Soholaunch Shopping Cart
33 Configuring display settings in your Soholaunch Shopping Cart
34 Configuring policies in your Soholaunch Shopping Cart
35 Adding a product to your page in your Soholaunch Shopping Cart

Site Designs / Templates

Once you have chosen, created, and/or uploaded your design scheme, or ‘template’, through the Site Template Manager, you can then assign it to your entire website in a single click. For sites that warrant the use of several different visual themes to separate large sections, templates can be specified on a per-page basis.

Pre-installed and Custom Template Options

  • Choose from pre-installed templates
  • Upload and use custom templates
  • Assign different templates to different pages
  • Specify header text for built-in templates
  • Enable and customize automatic email receipts for submissions
  • Specify reply-to address, subject, and content of email receipt

Create you own designs with Template Builder

  • Create and name unlimited site templates
  • Choose from thousands of different color combinations
  • Specify color name or hex values to match to company logo exactly
  • Integrate images and logos with each template
  • Apply your template to your whole site, or to individual pages or sections

Your Websites pages and its files…

You can modify, delete, or update the pages you create anytime you wish.

Page-specific designs: You can use a single design template for your whole site, or assign different schemes to individual pages

Add content when you’re ready: Create a page and compose its content in a single sitting, or just save it as blank and come back to it later.

Manage pages and files with a host of time-saving tools

  • Create an unlimited number of site pages with various names
  • Instantly change regular site pages into eNewsletter or detail page Shopping Cart pages.
  • Upload images, documents, spreadsheets, custom code, and other files
  • Preview, download, delete, and rename site files through one easy interface
  • Automatic organization of files lets you spend more time building your website, and less time hunting for the files you need.

Add rich, dynamic content to your site pages

  • Copy and paste text and formatting from Microsoft™ Word® documents
  • Create tables for layouts and charts with borders and background colors
  • Create multi-level lists with auto-numbering, bullet points, and indention’s
  • Control alignment of text, images, tables, and other objects
  • Visually separate sections of content with horizontal dividers
  • Link text and images to pages, files, email addresses, and other websites
  • Wrap paragraphs and text around images and tables
  • Change font types, colors, sizes, and styles

Drag-and-drop advanced features onto pages

  • Hit Counters
  • Pop-Up windows
  • Online forms
  • MP3, WAV, MOV, MPG, and AVI audio and video files
  • Documents and PDF files
  • Maps and directions
  • Photo albums with links

Collect visitor feedback with online forms

  • Choose from pre-installed email feedback forms
  • Upload and use custom forms
  • Email collected data to a specified address’s
  • Enable and customize automatic email receipts for submissions
  • Specify reply-to address, subject, and content of email receipt

Web Form Builder

  • Create online forms to collect visitor information
  • Use Forms Library functions with created forms
  • Collect data through single and multi-line text areas

Site Security / Secure Users

Protecting portions of your soholaunch website from public access is one of the most common tasks in creating any type of membership-based website. Aside from extensive user-management functions, the Secure Users feature also allows you to create multiple ‘clearance levels’ so that certain areas are available to some users but not to others.

Issue members and clients a “VIP pass” to your soholaunch website.

  • Grant Secure Users access to special content, features, and pricing.
  • Billing and shipping data can be automatically “remembered” when Secure Users make Shopping Cart purchases
  • Allow Secure Users to manage their own information through your website
  • Provide secure users with personal Event Calendars that they can maintain
  • Create custom searches for rosters, member directories, etc, that allow users to edit their personal data when viewing their own record in the search results.

Administrative tools for managing a community of customers.

  • Restrict access to virtually anything: Site Pages, Shopping Cart products and categories, Event Calendars, and all features therein
  • Organize users into groups with different “clearance levels”
  • Create an unlimited number of secure users and groups
  • Batch authenticate thousands of users at once with Database Manager
  • Give users access to multiple clearance levels on an individual basis.

Database Tables

Managing  your soholaunch MySQL database tables has never been so easy. The Database Table Manager gives you total control over you’re MySQL database tables. You can change and add fields, edit individual entries, and also search your tables within Soholaunch.

Should you need to download your shopping cart invoices, customer lists, or other data files from your website, you can do so through the View / Download Site Data module. Database tables can be downloaded and modified through Microsoft Excel, or other such programs, then imported back into website data tables.

Easily create robust, database-driven features for your site

  • Create and delete user database tables
  • Add, delete, and modify individual records
  • Rename, delete, and add fields to your data tables
  • Batch authenticate thousands of Secure Users in only a few clicks
  • Create custom searches for rosters, member directories, etc, that allow Secure Users to edit their personal data when viewing their own record.

Save countless hours by updating parts of your site all-at-once.

  • View and empty all site data tables, including system tables
  • Download data tables in .csv format and modify them as spreadsheets
  • Import .csv data from spreadsheets (i.e. Excel ®) into shopping cart, secure user, and other system data tables
  • Add and update thousands of Shopping Cart products in less than a minute.

Email Marketing

Electronic mailing campaigns are a great way to generate repeat business. Simply select your desired content page, which you can build in the Page Editor, and then choose the list of email addresses you would like to send it to, such as your Shopping Cart customers.

Foster repeat business with email marketing campaigns

  • Create, send, and manage unlimited text and html campaigns
  • Design dynamic eNewsletters in the Page Editor
  • Populate send-to list with any data table
  • Create personalized greetings for thousands of subscribers automatically
  • Send eNewsletters to Shopping Cart customers
  • Include site pages, Shopping Cart items, Event Calendars, and Web Blogs eNewsletter campaigns
  • Unsubscribe email addresses manually or automatically

Traffic Reports

The Site Statistics feature generates reports and graphs that illustrate basic information about your site’s visitors and their browsing habits. By learning your visitor’s surfing behaviors, such as which pages are the most popular, you can hone the effectiveness of your marketing message.

Fine-tune your website by studying visitor trends

  • Total unique visitors per month
  • Visit frequency of unique visitors
  • Most popular site pages per month
  • Page views by hour of the day
  • Browser and OS statistics
  • Total page views per month
  • Number of pages viewed per visit
  • Page views by day of the month
  • Referrer site rankings and statistics

Web Blog

Essentially the digital incarnation of newspaper and magazine columns, Web Blogs are rapidly gaining popularity with budding writers and experienced journalists everywhere! With a familiar word-processor interface and automatic archiving of past entries, the Blog Manager eliminates the technical barriers of Web Blogging, and lets you concentrate on what matters most – your opinion.

Just think of it as your own “Digital Soapbox”

  • Create unlimited Web Blogs to cover an infinite range of topics
  • Compose and post unlimited entries to each subject
  • Enhance your Blog with links, images, tables, bullet lists, and text formatting
  • Automatically organize Blog entries by the date you post them
  • All entries filed in Blog Archives automatically
  • Drag-and-drop Web Blogs onto site pages

Event Calendar

Especially useful for membership-based websites, the Event Calendar Module makes it easy to create and manage interactive event calendars for your website. When used in conjunction with the Site Security feature, you can specify the extent to which users can view and/or edit public calendars and events.

Searchable event calendars keep everyone up-to-date

  • Create unlimited searchable event calendars, organized into categories
  • Allow site visitors to submit events to calendars they have access to
  • Allow registered users to create and maintain private event calendars
  • Describe events with titles, short descriptions, and detail pages
  • Create individual and recurring events
  • Include site pages, Shopping Cart items, Event Calendars, and Web Blogs eNewsletter campaigns
  • Unsubscribe email addresses manually or automatically

Photo Albums

The Photo Album module allows you to create and manage slide-show type photo albums with captions. For schools and other organizations, this feature serves as an organized, attractive way to make pictures available online. Plus, because each image within an album can be linked to a site page or another website, the Photo Album can also be used as an online portfolio.

  • Organize your pictures with interactive slide-shows.
  • Create an unlimited number of separate Photo Albums
  • Place up to 20 pictures in each album
  • Easily make changes to existing albums
  • Annotate each image with captions
  • Link each image to other sites or full-size images
  • Drag-and-drop albums onto site pages

Site Navigation “hyperlinks & menubars”

The Auto-Menu system lets you create and manage graphical and text-based menus for your site. Simply choose which of your site pages you wish to appear on the navigation as main pages or sub-pages of others, specify the color of the buttons and their text, and your new menu is ready for use!

  • Create and manage multiple navigation systems for your website
  • Create graphical and text-based navigation systems
  • Choose either text links or buttons for main vertical navigation
  • Specify colors for text links and buttons
  • Enable text-based footer navigation
  • Assign main and sub pages in any order
  • Display submenus automatically when browsing main section

Is creating a website difficult? This is the most asked question when it comes to talking about creating website. Well, creating website is actually an exciting and a challenging experience. For those with adequate knowledge on web hosting and website creation, of course, creating website is fun. However, for those with limited web hosting experience, thus creating website is something impossible. The next question will come up: Is there a software that makes internet dummies like us possible to create websites? Is there an easy solution to design a website?

Soholaunch Pro Edition is your best website builder solution. Soholaunch Pro Edition is a software that makes all people, from internet beginner to professional, easier to create website. This is the latest product from Soholauch and of course, this company is one of the best web hosting services and no wonder that people want to know everytime Soholaunch launches its new product. Even you can get this software to download at VodaHost web hosting company.

There are some reasons why Soholaunch Pro Edition software is a must-buy product for both computer-geek to computer-amateur. Soholaunch Pro Edition is easy-to-use product that helps you create your website from scratch and develop your website by adding features like calendar, online shoppings, member login and so on. You will have full control of what you are creating, like you can rename or even delete the page you start by the QuickStartWizard and all contents are easy to edit and delete via the Page Editor, as if you do it yourself.

Do you want to add logos, pictures, or even your company slogan and so on? No worries, Soholaunch Pro Edition makes everything possible. The best thing is, you will never walk alone in using Soholaunch Pro Edition. Yes, there is a forum where you can ask any questions related to website creation, and the forum is happy and ready to help you, from installation problem to editing your website. You can ask for other`s feedback on your website.

How to start using Soholaunch Pro Edition? As told previously, you can go to VodaHost web hosting services, where you can install Soholaunch Pro Edition. When the installation process is complete, your domain will come up, then you login with your username and password.

This is where you can start creating your soholaunch website; click the green button that says”Start Wizard”. You go to the next screen to choose your template. The templates are amazing and you can choose any templates from any categories, after that we can select any available pages that we need, from About Us, News and Support. Click Next after you finish. On the last page of the wizard, you start naming your website and your email address and you can continue filling your website`s page.

You can follow the tutorial, which is very easy to understand. Soholaunch Pro Edition is undoubtedly the best product for website creation. No matter whether you are beginner or expert, Soholaunch Pro Edition is always the first choice.

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