Taylor Scott International sources prime UK land

Strategic Land Investing works along a simple concept but with some strict rules that must be followed for success. Companies such as Taylor Scott International source prime land then divide it up into plots making them affordable for the small and large investor alike.

Buying prime land has previously been the domain of the super-rich; and the property developers of course, but in many parts of the world these two often find themselves either rubbing shoulders at cocktail parties or staring at one another in the mirror. With the advent of Strategic Land Investment, this is no longer the case.

Taylor Scott International

What is Strategic Land Investment? First and foremost, it’s an investment vehicle that enables individual investors to climb aboard the ‘gravy train’ that astute businessmen have been travelling on and pulling into the central station at ‘wealth city’ for generations.

Land is solid; Land is tangible; and while proponents of this sort of investment will point to the fact that it is a reasonably safe bet, the experienced investor will state that ‘betting’ doesn’t even enter into the debate.

Mark Twain, ever the succinct wit, observed that buying land is never going to be a bad move since “they don’t make it any more”. In terms of the basic economic principles of supply and demand, it’s difficult to refute his logic, but even he couldn’t have foreseen the extent to which land would become such a valuable commodity, especially in certain parts of the world.

Strategic Land investment works along a very simple concept. Taylor Scott International, source land, and then divide it up into smaller plots, making them available to individual investors. By pooling resources, so to speak, substantial quantities of land can be purchased – the kind of land that is very attractive to developers, who can make good profits from development projects and are prepared to pay handsomely for the land that will enable those projects to happen.

We’re not talking about any land here, although historically it’s been a solid investment. Strategic Land Investment has understood the need to identify areas with growth potential, in countries where purchase is possible and the investment is safe.

Taylor Scott International knows that the United Kingdom is now without doubt, one of the safest and easiest places to buy land, particularly in certain parts of England. Many areas of the country are suffering from an acute shortage of housing; just try buying a property in or around London and you’ll notice the dent it can make in your net worth. More houses will need to be built, and there is only a limited amount of land, which is why the government is considering, and being put under increasing pressure to release huge tracts of land for development.

The UK with an increasing population, developers are licking their lips in anticipation.

So are individual investors, interestingly enough, who are now being provided with the opportunity of buying land-that has yet to be granted planning permission-through the process of Strategic Land Investment.

What makes Taylor Scott International different? How does it stand out?

Taylor Scott International is a reputable international company whose experts have vast experience, that’s enabling smaller investors in East Africa to keep their risks low and their potential rewards very high indeed. The experts at Taylor Scott International identify land that’s available and that they feel has the greatest potential for development, after full consultation with local councils and town planners, and buys it up on behalf of their investors. Taylor Scott International then take cares of all the planning permission applications and all that that entails, and waits for the right time to sell it on to developers once that permission has been granted. It really is as simple as that.

While Taylor Scott International makes no cast-iron guarantees that planning permission will be granted, the land itself is very carefully selected, concentrating on the areas that the authorities have earmarked for development, or have intimated that would be suitable for such projects. There are no guarantees either as to how long it will take to get the necessary planning permission, although in most cases, it should only be a matter of time. But then, as the famous adage goes, “you don’t wait to buy land; you buy land and wait” , something the discerning investors understands totally. The worst case scenario is that the land will appreciate in value, which is simple – ‘supply and demand ‘economics will account for that, but once planning permission is secured, the return on investment will be vast, its just that until now only large corporations and the mega-rich who have had the ready funds to participate in this age old wealth building process, especially in major world capitals.

Across the UK, land prices have risen a quite remarkable 808% in the past 20 years, according to the Halifax. The trend looks set to continue and while previously these kinds of investment options were only available to developers and the extremely wealthy. Strategic Land Investment now puts all of us in a position to benefit.

It’s true, no one can talk about a ‘sure thing’ in investment circles, but Strategic Land Investment may be as close as it gets. If maximizing potential profit while minimizing risk suits your investment profile, owning a small part of England could be a glamorous, immensely rewarding and surprisingly practical choice.

Visit Taylor Scott International to learn more.

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