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Get Ready To Make Some Money!

Welcome to the VodaHost Affiliate Partner Program!

Some people are making a small fortune promoting VodaHost. We will pay you up to US$70 for every new client you send us.

Follow the below steps to get start earning…

Step 1 : If you have not done so already. Click Here to become a VodaHost Affiliate.

Step 2 : Start promoting VodaHost.

VodaHost provides you a wide variety of promotional tool, such as our amazing rebrandable Viral PDF, banners for your website, text link adds, custom landing pages,  etc….Once you join our affiliate program you will have immediate access to all the above mentioned material.

Lets learn how to make money with our Rebrandable Viral PDF….

“The Secrets To Promoting Your Website Online

The first thing you should do is download our Viral PDF and have a good read through it.

You may have noticed that in the PDF document there are plenty of links which point to VodaHost. We are providing you with a way to change the links to include your Affiliate I.D. in them, so that anyone who visits VodaHost will be tracked as your referral and you will be paid a commission when they purchase web hosting from us.

Click Here to download the rebrander (To insert your affiliate ID# in the PDF)

Rebranding The Secrets To Promoting Your Website Onlinewith your own Affiliate I.D. is very easy. Just follow the steps below to rebrand the eBook:

1) Extract the contents of the file to a location of your desktop.
2) Double click the rebrand-secrets.exe executable file to open it.
3) Click on and replace it with your 4-5 digit VodaHost Affiliate ID (e.g.: 12345)
4) Click on Rebrand in the bottom-right of the window, effectively saving your changes.
Anytime anyone visits the VodaHost site via a link from your rebranded eBook they will be cookied as your referral and you will earn a commission whenever they purchase VodaHost web hosting.

Questions and Answers

Q1) Okay, I have signed up to the affiliate program and rebranded it; how do I start making money?

A1) Email the report to your friends and colleagues or offer the report for download on your website; if you can FTP the report then you can offer it to the entire world using the Social Networking and Bookmarking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition there are a massive amount of marketing materials for you to use from within your affiliate account.

Q2) How do I promote the report using Facebook.

A2) Post the below link to your Facebook.

Replace the red XXXXX’s above with your four or five digit affiliate ID. Anyone who clicks the above link from your Facebook or Twitter account will be credited as your referral.

Q3) I’m confused … I have more questions … How can I get more help getting started?!?

A3) Please post your questions or comments below and we’ll be happy to answer them

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