What is a blog and why your website needs a blog

I know, here I am telling you to add another ‘to do’ task to your list when you are already running a business, raising children, answering emails, and perhaps trying to maintain a household as well.

The question is however, do you want to be successful?

If the answer is yes, then you have to keep up! Yes, Blogs are new and in fashion but guess what, they are not going anywhere. Blogging is not something extra that is just going to be added on, it is that thing that will hold all the other scattered pieces together. If blogging is done properly, it can be the most productive thing you do all day. Sure, it might be a little daunting simply because it is new to you, but trust me, it is well worth it.

What is a Blog

‘blog noun 1. a website containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.’

Within a Blog, short entries are written and published in reverse chronological order.  The entries are almost like diary entries. The latest post remains at the top while the history then sits directly after it in chronological order, like a news-feed.

The content within a blog can be a commentary of some sort; it can be informative, news or your own thoughts and perceptions on any given topic. A Blog typically provides an assortment of images, text, links to other blogs, web pages and connects to other media with related topics and themes. Therefore, reading a blog can be rich and rewarding. Most blogs are mostly textual unless their focus is actually art, photography, videos or music.

There are always new applications coming out which are usually well-tested by geeks before they leak out into the rest of the world. Email, forums, html are all examples of such applications. Blogs are now the most recent online tool which has very quickly become indispensable to businesses.

Create a Blog FOR FREE!

You can create a blog for your website within minutes. Take a look, you are reading a WordPress Blog right now! WordPress is great because it is highly extendable. VodaHost Web Hosting offers WordPress for free with the purchase of a web hosting account. VodaHost.com hosts blogs and provides Fantastico  which is an auto-installer, so you can install WordPress within a couple of minutes, a few clicks and at no extra cost whatsoever!


Here Are 10 Reasons Why Blogging is a MUST for your Website

1.    You can Earn Money through Adsense.

I’m sure you have noticed a variety of adverts within different websites, whether they are at the top, to the side or at the bottom. These ads are sorted, maintained and administered by Google, and you will hear the cash register whenever someone clicks on the ad or based on how many times the ad is viewed.

Signing up for Adsense is so easy that is just doesn’t make sense not to. There are only things to gain and none to lose (a rare occurrence).  After you sing up, you will choose the blocks you want your blog to display. From then on, whenever a visitor clicks on an ad or just views your blog, you will be getting money for it.

2.    Search Engines LOVE Blogs

The best way to get a great ranking in Google’s listings is to always have fresh content to your website, on a regular basis. These tricks apply to all sites, no matter the type.
That is exactly what blogs do. Your blog can be the reason why you are at the top of the major Search Engine’s lists. By writing short, readable, thoughtful and opinionated posts within your blog, you will get noticed and rewarded by search engines more easily.

3.     No Need to be a Technological Genius

The only semi-technical side to having a blog is the actual sign up. After your Blog is set up you will need no extra help to keep it going. There is nothing easier than clicking on ‘New Post’ and the ‘Publish’ button. These applications are made so user friendly, anyone could have a blog.

VodaHost Web Hosting offers video tutorials on How to Install, Manage, Set-up, and Update your blog!

Your have total control over your personal Blog and need no help from outsiders. It is not only beneficial but enjoyable as well.

4.    Your Audience Subscribes

What is great about blogs is that readers can subscribe to them.  This means that whatever you post on your blog, your target audience will be reading! Is that not EXACTLY what your aim is? If your blog theme doesn’t have RSS built-in, then it’s easy to download the plug-in to make it work.Make sure you have an RSS Feed on your Blog. It serves a lot more than just plain subscriptions. Your visitors can get your daily posts sent to their desired RSS reader or even simply sent to their email.

Make sure you give them that personal touch that they need, make them love you, subscribe and therefore buy from you!

5.    Build Trust

We all know from personal experience that trust between clients and a company is very important. Customers need to feel secure, safe and comfortable with a service in order to use it and keep using it.

The fact that you will be posting new content on your site on a regular basis will make your customers feel that you are committed, consistent and reachable at all times. Trust is the way you build your clientele. You will soon have people following your blog and if you have taken my advice by using the RSS feed, then your messages will be going to them – by choice!

Have an area where your visitors can contact you if they wish. BUT if you do this you need to be committed to regular updates. You cannot just disappear out of the blue whenever you feel like it, it would defeat the point of building trust!

Keep in mind that in this case the key is to be consistent! Decide how often you will be posting new content, (whether that is once a day, once a week, or once a month) and stick to it.

6.    Back-links from your Blog boosts SEO Ranking

Back-linking your site has proven to be the key to ranking well in major Search Engines listings.  So as you write your new content, make sure you refer to your main site and add a link or two throughout your blog. However, don’t go overboard. Google frowns down on linking to your site too often, and you may be penalized. Just be natural about it and the difference will clearly be noticeable.

7.    Manage your Reputation

With a Blog, you have the opportunity to create and maintain your image. Business nowadays is pretty cut-throat and competitors will do whatever they can to break you down. If you have a blog, you can address rumors or any other nonsense going around about your good name and false information can be made right.

Another advantage is that if potential customers have come across your business or seen a product you sell, they may feel the need to get to know you better before they purchase anything. By looking through your Blog, they will be able to do just that.
Don’t forget – there is nothing that will brand your business quicker than a comment on your blog from someone raving about how much they love your services.

8.    The importance of Interaction

There is something about Blogs which makes it very easy for people to leave comments and thoughts. It is a safe area meant for just that.

Your blog is your space in which you can express your thoughts, ideas and opinions. It is also an accepted fact that people can answer, talk back and even disagree with you if they wish. This is the interaction that you are looking for (positive comments are preferable of course). You can comment at the bottom of this VodaHost Web Hosting Blog if you like!

The good news is that when you have feedback on your site, your ranking goes up in the SEO listings.

77% of active Internet users read blogs (according to ‘Universal McCann’, March 2008) – you don’t want to be left behind!

9.    Traffic for your Main Website

If you sell a specific product on your main website, your blog could go into the features, advantages and benefits of that product. This is great, inexpensive advertising for a very specific target market and you can direct your readers straight to your website by inserting a URL to your main page!

Put banners between blog posts make sure you hyperlink them so that it takes to your main site.

If you don’t have your own product you are selling, don’t worry about it. You can make money promoting other people’s product as an affiliate! Blogs are ideal for affiliate marketing.

10.    Blogs are in Fashion

As stated in the second paragraph of this article, blogging is a fad, BUT it is a fad that is here to stay! If you are wondering whether your target market is reading blogs then stop. They are!

Who is NOT reading blogs is the question!

50% are above 35
44% are parents
70% have college degrees
Four in ten have an annual household income of $75K+
One in four have an annual household income of $100K+

The fact is that no matter the generation, age, gender or financial classification, everyone is reading blogs!

If you do not want to create a Blog for your business that is fair enough, but that immediately translates as- you are okay with your competitors taking all your clientele and have accepted the fact that you will soon be sinking slowly into the background of your niche.

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