What is PerlDesk Help Desk

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What is PerlDesk Help Desk

PerlDesk is a user interface help desk software and email management solution. It allows you to manage your company’s customer service department to a database-backed interface help desk system. This should ensure that your staff can provide streamlined email solutions that are fast and accurate. The goal of PerlDesk software and VodaHost web hosting is to help you improve your efficiency in order to increase customer relations through reliable customer support, faster response time, and provides better quality overall. With better reporting capabilities you will be able to maximize the efficiency of your help desk, as well as track support staff performance goals and ensure proper and thorough follow-through.

PerlDesk provides you with the tools that you need to provide the great customer service that you want and your clients demand from you. Great customer service depends on your ability to provide efficient, effective, accurate responses to customer support inquiries. You need to be able to track questions in an orderly way and you need to be able to ensure that responses are quick and concise. Because PerlDesk is a web hosting system, not OS-based, your support staff can access it from any web browser, even if your staff is disparately located or always on the go.

PerlDesk can help you to do all of these things easily because built into the software is a simple interface that is easy to use and to understand. This means that anyone can learn how to use it quickly. With it, you can navigate through the system easily to find what you are looking for. It allows you to route web questions or email requests to the right people or departments, which cuts out any intermediary and unnecessary communications. The PerlDesk web hosting system will also generate tickets automatically so customers can track their requests. Speaking of customers, they can login and browse the interface to track their question and requests or respond to, initiate, or manage conversations.

PerlDesk was developed by a debt-free and privately owned company based in the United Kingdom named LogicNow. LogicNow is an innovator of web hosting and browser-based software solutions that help to streamline online activities and processes for companies all over the world. PerlDesk is now a trusted customer assistance solution for over 7,000 companies around the world.

There are probably several reasons why these companies appreciate the PerlDesk software and VodaHost web hosting. Of course, being able to improve your efficiency in any way is always good but one of the most important parts of the program is that there is no maintenance. When you try to institute new programs in order to improve your daily operations, it can often result in new training and investing more time in maintaining it. PerlDesk handles all of this for you. Once you institute it, it is immediately available for you to use. They also handle all of the maintenance for you so that you and your staff can focus all of your energy and efforts towards the customer service that you aim to provide.

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