RSS Submission Service

Rss Submission Service

Weekly RSS Feed Submission

We will submit your RSS feed to 100 RSS feed Pinging sites on a weekly basis. By opting in for this pack, we will take your RSS Feed and add it to over 100 RSS feed sites and then Ping this feed across over 10 other ping sites.

If you do not have an RSS feed link, we can make an RSS page for you out of any web page of your choice. If you have several RSS feed links and would like to combine them into one RSS feed, you can use a free service such as – and then give us the single RSS link in your order form below.

Generally, RSS submissions are done for off-site backlinks that you create to your main site (although, you can also submit an RSS feed of your main site). By combining all of your backlink feeds into one single RSS feed you can give a quick and powerful SEO boost to your main site.

Your main URL will ultimately have more Google love added to it – thereby increasing the Page Rank and link juice that is ultimately passed down to your main website URL.

Our RSS submission services are a way for you to add all the backlinks that you create while marketing your website into a single feed – and then give us that feed for submission and pinging. By Pinging them across over 100 pinging sites, you will be ensured that Google is notified to come and index all your newly created backlinks very quickly.

Time Duration: 2 Working Days
Only: US$47 per year

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