Spice up your Blog with a New Tasty Theme

We are excited to announce the release of our first theme in 2013. Our new theme is called Petit , and is full of features, enough to be used for a variety of purposes, but especially for a recipe website. It includes a big featured area and a carousel that makes your homepage look more than just a blog.. Petit Demo Theme Info Responsive Design The layout of this theme automatically adapts to fit on any screen resolution, be it desktop or mobile devices (iPhone, iPad). Custom Shortcodes Besides numerous built-in shortcodes in our framework, we’ve also added two custom shortcodes for recipes: Ingredients and Directions , so you can quickly create such sections, like in this recipe , for example. Custom Posts vs. Regular Posts One thing that you’ll be happy about this theme is that it doesn’t use Custom Post Types , like many other themes do, to separate regular posts from recipes. That’s why we have decided to keep on using regular posts for recipes, but there is still an option that allows you to let the theme know which of your posts are recipes, and which are traditional blog posts. Why we took this decision? Because we wanted to make the theme accessible to anyone who used a different theme previously, without any custom features, which most of the time will keep you from switching to another theme without losing your content. So if you already have a food blog, then Petit is the right theme to switch to. Instagram Widget Beside standard widgets that can be found in all of our themes, we’ve introduced in this theme a Instagram widget that allows you to display recent images from any users. For more detailed features, check the theme’s page or check out the live demo of this theme.

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