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1 ZenCart Fantastico How to install ZenCart from Fantastico
2 configure store ZenCart How to configure ZenCart store
3 categories ZenCart How to add categories in ZenCart
4 zencart add products How to add products to ZenCart
5 product attributes in ZenCart How to add product attributes in ZenCart
6 currency in ZenCart How to configure currency in ZenCart
7 zencart payment modules How to add payment modules in ZenCart
8 shipping modules ZenCart How to add shipping modules in ZenCart
9 zencart sales tax How to configure sales tax in ZenCart
10 configure home page ZenCart How to configure your ZenCart home page
11 edit margins zencart How to edit the margins in ZenCart
12 zencart promotions How to setup special promotions in ZenCart
13 manage customers ZenCart How to manage your customers in ZenCart
14 newsletter ZenCart How to send out a newsletter in ZenCart
15 email zencart How to send email in ZenCart
16 banners in ZenCart How to manage your ZenCart banners
17 admin password ZenCart How to change your admin password in ZenCart

What is ZenCart

ZenCart is a branch of osCommerce, that started working separately from 2003, and since then this shopping cart software has been developed as a separate entity with completely difference architecture from its source. This software is used by lots of people as its open source software, working under the license of GNU.

ZenCart is famous due to certain reasons, one main reason is that it can be and has been integrated in various web hosting companies such as VodaHost. As more and more people are trying to have the online stores on their website, so looking at their need, VodaHost and other web hosting companies had started this trend to integrate the ZenCart in their control panel and thus all the people that use the services of VodaHost web hosting can easily use the service just by one click. Web hosting companies usually update ZenCart from stable version to another stable version. This helps in solving the problems of the users of this software through the web hosting company and they don’t need to update it manually.

There are various other qualities in the ZenCart too. We will mention some of them here. One of the main qualities is that its multilingual software, thus anyone can use it in any site depending on the language of the site, this quality in missing in lots of online store management software. ZenCart also has the function of multiple sales and discounts so now the owner can offer as much as he wants. Other functions include multiple consumer modes! That is a number of costumers can be handled at different times. Since it’s an increasing use software so it’s used with many new websites that’s why there was a need to keep a vast display options due to which now the ZenCart comes with lots of new display modes, also to avoid the compatibility issue XHTML 1.0 complaint template system is introduced.

Apart from the technical advancement, the ZenCart has also made it easier for the site owner. Now this software supports a lot of multiple ad banner controllers. One of the main thing to note is that ZenCart supports multiple payment options, this has increase its use as people use different payment methods so such a support is necessary nowadays, also it comes with a support for multiple shipment options. To spread the word of the site, it now has the option of the newsletter management that makes it much easier to spread the word through email marketing. For special purposes the discount coupons and gift certificates option is also available.

In short, ZenCart is incorporated with all types of the new and advanced features that any good store management site may have. So if you are looking for store management software, it’s a good option for you as it’s easy to be integrated in anything, it’s easy to attach, and also its diverse nature helps us in using it in any sort of website, be it any language, any style or design.

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